Thursday, August 3, 2006

We will (and have) survived!

Wow - it seems like FOREVER since I have even looked at a blog (anyone's blog) let alone actually POSTED on my own. How about a camp update?

Thank you to any and all who were praying for Winchester Wesleyan as we again ventured into the world of children's camp. No matter how many years we've done it now, it continues to be a little scary for me. There is a lot of responsibility, both physical (parents appreciate knowing their kids are SAFE) and spiritual (our reason for doing camp is in hopes that the children will meet with God, even while they are flipping waves on the tubes).

God is good. While we had our share of challenges (Jer, do you dare sleep with both eyes closed yet???), we also had our share of smiles (there are some of the kids that I would gladly pack up and move with me here to Monticello in the fall). God continues to be good. He has to. It's his nature.

Sorry for the lack of meat in this post. Despite 11 hours of sleep last night, I'm still not fully caught up. Time for me now to go and peruse YOUR blogs :) See you on the flipside!!

UPDATE - me perusing YOUR blogs has been post-poned due to Matthew's Bethany links being down at the moment. Continue to not say anything important until I get caught up. Thanks!