Tuesday, January 23, 2007

So good so far

our diet is going well. so far, we've lost about 10 pounds, collectively, in a week.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sweet Dreams???

Jeremiah and I started the South Beach diet last week (this is day 6). I was not feeling well for the first 3 or 4 days, probably because my system was on withdrawal from all the sugars and starches that it has grown to love.... I have gotten past the feeling sick stage - except for in the mornings - my stomach has NEVER been able to handle bacon and eggs in the morning (yes, even Canadian bacon and egg substitute doesn't settle *or* sound appealing to me) -=--- and NO, it is not morning sickness and I am *not* pregnant --- back to the real story. So I usually eat sliced turkey for breakfast. At least it's a food that is permitted.

Anyway, I haven't really been feeling the craving for sugars anymore. That is, I haven't been feeling the cravings **while I'm awake**. For the last three nights, I have woken myself up having bad dreams (or sweet dreams perhaps) about nothing but sugar. In one, I was at Bethany, and all Greg was serving in the cafeteria was sweets and candies. I couldn't get enough. There was never a point in the dream where I was not carrying (and eating) at least 3 cookies or Nanaimo bars (college favourite) in my hand. The last night, I believe I was in high school, that fit the setting better than college would have. Anyway, I would skip my classes because I was eating cookies!! Then, by the time I went to class, I was still eating treats.....

Is my body trying to tell me something??? I have asked Jeremiah to not tell me to have "sweet dreams" tonight!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

For Fun?

Hey - all you young (or young at hearts), here's a question for you. What do you like to do for fun?

Jeremiah and I are looking for fun new ways to spend time together. Movies and board games are fun but you can't watch/play those ALL the time. We read our Bibles together at lunch time. We've even Dance Danced a few times (don't laugh, Jeremiah is really good - however, I need new pads if we're going to keep up that exercise routine!)

So tell me, what do YOU and YOUR loved ones like to do for fun?

Monday, January 15, 2007


I am a liar. I lied. There will be no more posts tonight before bed.

Apologies to whomever they are due.

testing blogroller

I'm cheating. I'm only posting to check if blogroller is back up and running. There seem to be a LOT of ***s on Matthew's blog and I don't feel like wasting a comment asking him if he did that or if it's back. So I figured I'd waste an entire blog entry instead.

Just because this seems totally unfair, I will post again before bedtime.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Still Kicking

Amazing! Even after losing 6 fish in 7 days, we were able to leave for 4 days and come home to no dead fish! Well... that's not completely true.

When someone would ask me how many fish we had right now, my answer was consistently "I'm not sure.... 13, 14, 13, 14, 13, 14..." My point was - I left a pregnant guppie free in the tank, hoping she wouldn't have the fries (baby fish) while I was away. I didn't want to put her in the birthing tank and leave - she'd be away from the food source and would probably find a way to eat them had she birthed them anyway...

So we left her out. And sure enough, we came home to 12 healthy (and well fed) fish - and 1 healthy but significantly-skinnier-than-we-left-her guppie.

Oh well - another 4 weeks and she'll be ready to pop another batch!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


WOW! My husband must really love me! You should check out his blog!!

PS - he's a pretty great guy too!

Pity Rosy

Just before Christmas, I noticed a large red spot on my right shoulder. It was roughly the size of an oblong quarter and looked very dry and was rather itchy. Over the holidays, it fanned out into a rather extensive rash across my chest and a little bit down over my should and back. It started creeping up my neck.

By this time, I was getting a little concerned (and was having more difficulty hiding it!!). So, since I had a doctors appointment anyway, I decided to have it looked at. Doctor's words were "I know exactly what that is... unfortunately." That was a little unnerving, but then he said it was only because they don't know how to get rid of it. It just runs its course and eventually (1-3 months) will go away on its own. So I got myself some cream and some calamine lotion and we're hoping that it doesn't scar.

It's called Pityriasis Rosea - in laymans terms, it means "Red Spots" - go figure!

Monday, January 8, 2007

The Gomez Family Grows

Okay - so before I start rumours about myself, Jeremiah and I are *not* expecting a child. Nor did we get a dog or a cat. No, we have grown by leaps and bounds.

Our family quickly grew from just the two of us to
- the two of us - Jeremiah and Sarah
- seven guppies, 3 male, 4 female - Mom, Pop, Flash, Angel, Dark Angel, and two unnamed wonders
- four red platys - Uno, Dos, Tres, and Quatro
- two albino corydora catfish - Al and Bino
- one bala shark - The Fonz
- one algae eater - Sludge
- one angel fish - unnamed
- two bubble mollies - Faddy McFaderson and the unnamed
- one dwarf gourami - still to be named

Yes! We got our fishtank!! It's fun to watch new life in the house. In fact, rumour has it, one of my guppies might pop some babies!!

Unfortunately, in setting up a tank, it takes time to get the levels right and with the fish store being 2 hours away, the fish are up against some tough odds. Especially when one gets left in the car for an extra hour (apologies and regrets, our dead angel fish friend). In the week since the fish have been in our care, we have lost six (RIP to all of you- May you never forget our true love for you). Fortunately, the rest seem to be of a tougher breed.

Here's The Fonz, swimming in all his silver shimmering glory
A group shot: Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro, Angel (RIP, Angel), Faddy McFadderson, and Mom (in the foreground)
Mom (not yet, but I'm expecting --- er, SHE'S expecting!!)
Pop - at least he will be once Mom decides it's time - sorry about your tail, little friend (someone thought it looked like a tasty treat...)
FLASH, hiding in the leaves
Sludge and his sidekick Al (Bino, may YOU rest in peace)
Tres, and his two sidekicks, the unnamed wonder guppies (RIP, both of you -I'm sorry there was no time to give you names!)
Dark Angel, sister of deceased Angel - see the slight black tail outline?

Friday, January 5, 2007

Ok - so the family has come and gone. We had a really great time with everyone here. In all, there were 13 people staying at our place. With one bathroom. It wasn't as bad as it could have been I promise. At least we didn't have 13 people all vying for the one toilet because the flu was roaring through the house like it did the week of our wedding in Ontario!!! Jake, my 4-month-old nephew had quite a cold, and Emily had a pretty rough cough, but other than that, we were a healthy bunch - praise God!!!

The favourite games of the vacation - Rummikub, Ligretto (German version of Dutch Blitz), and Pit. We didn't keep track of winners this year like we did last year (there was a running list of who won *every game*) But without the list, I'm pretty sure that I won most of them (hehehehe)

Now we're into the new year. I am in the midst of taking down the decorations while Jeremiah finishes up his sermon for Sunday. We have a funeral to go to tomorrow morning. Otherwise, I would have been enjoying a break in sunny Ontario right now. Oh well, maybe soon ;)

In case you haven't heard it enough this year already: Welcome to 2007!!!