Monday, April 21, 2008

CVS for good :)

My CVS savings have been used for good already!  Hooray!!  I've told my husband to make sure that if I begin stockpiling too much, I am giving away what we can't reasonably use (our new home does not have a great deal of storage space).  Well, I've had opportunity to share my good fortune already.  Yesterday, it rained HARD where I live and our street flooded.  My guesstimate would be that it was a good 1.5-2 feet at its deepest points.  At first, cars were trying to get through it, until eventually the police got there and wouldn't allow anyone through.  Unfortunately for my new "friend", they didn't get there before she tried to get her little car across.  It got water logged and shut off mid "puddle."  We were watching the excitement from our second floor apartment window, and saw another couple of people help push her out of the road and into our parking lot.  I overheard them talking and heard her say that she had friends just up the street and she would call them.  So I didn't worry about her. She was taken care of. 
20 minutes later, rain harder, thunder and lightning louder, I realized she was still sitting out there in her car!  I told my husband I was going to see if she wanted to come up and dry off while she waited for whomever she was waiting.  Poor girl, when I got there, she was streaming tears, talking to her dad on the phone.  I'm very glad I did not assume she was taken care of.  She came up, calmed down, and dried off.  It was a good 45 minutes before her parents got there to get her and see what they could do about the car.  Unfortunately, it still wouldn't start, so she borrowed our internet to find some phone numbers for road side assistance and was on her way...
But not until I gave her a big bag of M&Ms to melt her troubles away :)  Haha, I know it was small and didn't REALLY do anything to fix the situation, but it brought a smile to her face!  I'm glad we were able to be there for her, even if it was just a warm/dry place with tasty M&Ms while she waited for "real help" to arrive :) 

Friday, April 18, 2008

CVS and Walmart

Next time, I promise I'll write something interesting. For now, more deal pictures.

$0.29 cents. I swear. That's it. and I still have $3 in ECBs to roll for next week.

This isn't AS free... $6.76... But not bad for $23.38 worth of stuff :) And mostly because the Noxzema wasn't on sale, we just needed it. I have yet to see a coupon for it -- but I will continue to look!!!
4 weeks until we close on the house!!! There is still SOOOO much for them to do. I sure hope they finish it up on time because if we don't close that day, our financing falls through... Pray for us!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ok - so my math was a little off...

I guess I did a couple mistakes in my math before heading to the store. Here's what I ended up with:

2 Sunsilk shampoos ($3.49 each)
2 Dove shampoos (3.99 each)
1 Sunsilk Styling Aid ($3.49)
5 24-piece excedrins ($1.99 each)
2 Tru Blend Cover Girl Foundations ($9.49)
1 Breath Savers ($1.50)
2 large Hershey chocolate bars ($1.79 each)
1 Stride gum ($1.19)

Total cost out of pocket: $1.51.

And I came home with $5 in ECB to boot.


Anyone wanna play???

(Hopefully something for men will be on sale next week...)

.... and all because I was out of shampoo.... this is really going to help the budget!!

If all works out properly this time

I've found a new game.  It's called "shopping at CVS."  It's a great game. The goal of the game is to use coupons and see how cheap (or how free) you can get stuff. 
Last night, I "played' and the first step went very well. I bought 5 boxes of Excedrin and paid ---- $0!!!!  Yup!  They were on sale for $1.99 and I had $2.00 off coupons!! So I got my limit (5 per household)  Best part, they have certain sales that give you "cash" on a card that can only be used at CVS.  So  these 5 boxes of Excedrin that I bought for free put $5 on my Extra rewards card :) 
Step 2 fell apart because the item that I wanted to buy was not in stock in either CVS store here.  So I went home determined to figure it out again.  And I believe I have.  If any "CVS-ers" are reading this, PLEASE give me feedback if you see something that is not working or if you know of a coupon to make it even better!!!
Step #1:
2 Tru Blend Foundation 9.49 each
Filler of some sort (hopefully going to find a filler with a coupon) - at least 1.02.  Basing my scenario on $1.50
Total purchase:  $20.48
Use: $4/$20 coupon                                                 -$4.00
        Cover Girl Buy One Get One Free coupon          -$9.49
        $1 coupon                                                       -$1.00
        $5 Extra Care Bucks that I earned from Excedrin. -$5.00
New Total: $0.99!!! out of pocket  (less if a good filler is found)
Get $6 ECB for each tru blend foundation (april deal)  = $12 ECB
Step #2 (new transaction):
3 Sunsilk Shampoo/styling aid 3.49 each
2 Dove Shampoo @ 3.99 each
filler (hopefully filler with a coupon) - at least $1.45 - Basing my scenario on $1.50
Total purchase:
Use: $4/$20 coupon                                                      -$4.00
        Buy One Get One Free on sunsilk coupon              -$3.49
        $1.50 sunsilk coupon                                            -$1.50
        $3/2 dove coupon                                                  -$3.00
        Use one $6 ECB coupon                                       -$6.00
New Total:
$2.06!!!!!!  out of pocket (less if find a good filler with coupon)
Plus, get $5 for spending $15 on Sunsilk/Dove
that leaves me with $11 ECB in my pocket plus only spending $3.05 for everything you see above. 
Anyone else want to play???
Special thanks to the numerous websites that have helped me figure out how to make this work!!  I'll give some props to them in a future blog entry!  You don't even know who you are, but you've been a HUGE help to our budget!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

43 days and falling :)

Signed, sealed, not quite yet delivered...  the house is ours!
Despite the fact that we had to drop me off the mortgage paperwork due to not enough American credit (thus read as "bad credit" by anyone in the money business), our mortgage loan was approved!  43 days from now, we'll be pdragging boxes downstairs, throwing them in the truck and driving them the whole 2.5 miles to our new home (hardly seems worth it to pack the truck - but Jeremiah says he's not helping me carry everything over!!!)
As far as we know, we have only one more store to stop at to finish picking stuff out for. This time for things like kitchen/bathroom faucets, toilets, bathroom sinks, etc.  If it's like last Saturdays stop at Yale (lighting/fan fixtures), it'll be 5 minutes in and out :)  We're not really interested in doing any upgrades that we'll actually have to pay for. We would just like to see what standard pieces are so that we can switch it out if we say "ew -- that's gross" (like we did with the yucky bronze plated chandelier they wanted to hang in our dining room--- EEEEWIE!!!)
On top of it all, we're thinking about getting a puppy :) That is, if we can agree on a name (better to get the disagreements over with on a dog and then nail it out of the park by agreeing when we try to name kids, right???)  *I* would like to get the puppy soon (like before we move into the house) -- that way, he can pee on the apartment carpet instead of our new carpet!!!  I'm such a scheemer......
That's it for today.  And don't forget to scroll down and register for the Phil and Ted stroller contest.  Leave my name in their so I better my chances to win a stroller that as of yet I do not need!!!! :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

No, I'm not pregnant

But who doesn't want to win a free Phil and Ted's Sport Buggy for the future???

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