Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Yard Sale Treasure

I stopped at a yard sale yesterday and found the MOST PRECIOUS baby boots EVER made. Granted, they're going to stay in a box for a good long time waiting for me to have a little girl in a size 3 shoe, but there was just no way that i could leave these boots on the table.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Wedding on the back burner...

A two-fer-one blogging day!!

For those of you who are anxiously counting the days to my and Jeremiah's wedding, put your counters on pause. We were unaware how lengthy the immigration process was going to be when we set our October date. Now we are unsure of when everything will fall together. But hold faith - it will indeed happen. It will indeed happen as soon as possible. The date is just another detail we haven't ironed out yet!!

We'll keep you posted for sure!!!

For all you Hillsong lovers out there..

I went to Ottawa to buy music to learn as new songs at camp this summer. I tried out a few including Hillsong "Jesus is my Superhero", Hillsong "Super Strong God", one I've never heard of called "God Rocks" , and a Doug Horley cd called "Lovely Dubbly". After listening to the Doug Horley and God Rocks cds, they went back on the shelf and I went with the two Hillsong ones. I'm excited to learn some of the songs, make up some actions, and pump up some kids to express themselves to God.

Check them out! Give me some votes of which songs are great for camp! Then make up some actions! (Make my life really easy -- hehe)

(the only one with music samples is Super Strong God, and Lovely Dubbly if you follow the links into the cd part - the url doesn't change when you navigate the site so I couldn't link you directly)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

To buy or not to buy...

That is currently my question.

I've been thinking about invitations. Should I pay the big bucks to buy them or should I spend the many hours to make them?

If I make them, any suggestions on how to make them unique? I think I have a poem I'd like to use (actually a few to choose from) on the front... but I need more than a poem. Perhaps I'll just go find some paper and play with some unique folds :)

Maybe if I get too fed up, I'll just buy them!!

Friday, June 9, 2006

Please pray

A 14-year-old girl, only a freshman in high school, committed suicide this week. In a town of 2500, that kind of news hits everyone hard, whether you knew her or not. From what I have heard, she was a kind, caring girl, whose job it was to make people feel better when they were sad.

She will be greatly missed by her family and by her friends. The effects of her death will be long. Winchester covets any prayers that are offered in our behalf.


Wednesday, June 7, 2006

The Humour of God (my adaptation of Matthew's blog)

So you've all heard about Jeremiah and I getting engaged during our trip to Arizona, however, I haven't shared with many of you what happened on the way HOME. While I was driving home from Manchester, NH (where we flew out), my car was in a side on collision with another car. Despite the fact that it was a slow speed collision (it was right in a town so I was only going 30 miles/50ish kms and the other lady was making a left hand turn, so she couldn't have been doing more than 15-20miles), there was a lot of damage done to both cars. I have been waiting since to hear if the insurance company was going to fix it or write it off.

SINCE THEN, on a couple of occassions, Jer and I have been discussing the exciting area of finances and how we would make ends meet once we get married. We knew that it would be tight for awhile, especially after paying whatever fees we will encounter with immigration and of course the wedding.

Here comes the connector.

I was planning on selling my car in October since we don't need two in Maine and bringing it would probably bring more fees. My plan was to sell it for $3500, $4000 if I was feeling really lucky when I listed it.

Then I got a phone call from the insurance. They are in fact going to write it off (apparently there is over $7000 in damage!!!) . The settlement I will shortly receive = $5445!! There's no way I could have gotten that selling it! That's only $150 less than I BOUGHT it for two years ago! Granted, I'm not sure what I am going to do for transportation for the next four months. My parents have two vehicles, so we're going to try, for awhile anyway, to make it work without a third. If that works, then I won't have to waste money on another vehicle and I will have an extra $2000 in my bank account come October :D

God DOES work in mysterious ways... I think this is part of why God doesn't always tell us his plan beforehand. I'm not sure I would have readily agreed if he told me that morning "On your way home today, I'm going to push you off the road during an accident, consequently writing off your car, so that I can provide for you financially." I love watching God work - it keeps you on your toes!

Saturday, June 3, 2006

I'm glad I'm not dreaming anymore!

I had a super strange dream last night. I was a student in high school or college or university (not positive). I was engaged, but I had NO CLUE who I was supposed to be getting married to. It was rather disturbing because FOUR of my male high school friends (Eric, Scott, Mark, and Matt) were involved and were all helping me plan and pick out details etc, but I had NO CLUE which one of them I was supposed to be marrying. My dreaming self was in a sort of panic because I kept being swept over by the thought, "I dont' want to marry ANY of them!!" (sorry boys!) But for the best of me, my dreaming self could not come up with any other names of people I might be marrying!! There were moments when it would seem to lean more towards one of the guys but I would say to myself, "NO, it couldn't be!" Then the dream would change directions and focus on another.

Needless to say, I woke up in a semi-panic! I quickly looked at my left hand and sure enough, there's a ring there! (This is my awake self now). My mind quickly returned to reality and I remembered that I AM getting married! AND I'm getting married to the best of the bunch! I love you Jer :) More details and engagement stories to come. Yippee!! I'm no longer panicked - in fact, I'm kind of excited ;) haha