Saturday, July 28, 2007

10 months in and still learning...

I learned today that my husband has never been to a county/country fair! Growing up around these things all summer long, I guess I have taken them for granted. Every little town in Ontario has its own fair for a week or a weekend throughout the summer months. So tonight, a man from the church and his starting-college-in-the-fall age son took us to a fair a town or so over.

Jer got to experience the "excitement" of hearing kids scream on the rides while we listened to the groans and squeaks of the machinery from the safety of the solid ground. Something about putting the rides up and down in an hour makes me wonder if I really want to go and hang upside down by them!

He experienced the food and all its grandeur. I had to laugh because the guys we went with "go for the food." Ugh. I'm sure their hearts love them for it too!!!!

So now he can join in with the majority of Americans and say that he too has been to a country fair.

Have you been? Any interesting stories to share???

Friday, July 27, 2007

And I quote....

The newspaper here in Carlisle put in a really nice article announcing Carlisle Wesleyan's new pastor. It was really kind of them.

Here it is (how many errors can YOU spot??? - and yes, this is all straight from the newspaper clipping!)

Carlisle Wesleyan Church eagerly anticipaes the arrival of the Rev. Jeremiah Gomex. Jeremiah and his wife, Sarah, will move to Carlisl on Juy 18 and the pastor officially begins ministry in Carlisle on Sunday July 22.
Denver Tuckey, vice chariman of the board at the church said, "We have been waiting all summer for the exciting day when Pastor and Mrs. Gomex arrive in Carlisle and are pleased to welcome them to the Carlisle community."
Gomex is a graduate of Bethany Bible College, Sussex, New Brunswich, Canada. He has led numerous community outreach ministries.
Important goals set by pastor Jermiah for his new ministry include becomin genuinely acquainted with his congregation and being an active member of the Carlisle community. That enthusiasm led Tuckey to say, "We not only look foarward to Pastor Jeremiah's ministry to our church but also to the ways in which he and Sarah can be an asset in our local community.
Carlisle Wesleyan Church is at 1534 Terrace Ave.

Hehe - did you count them??? I count 13 (1 error 3 times)

Perhaps when I go looking for a job, I should start at the newspaper office.. Maybe they're looking for an editor??? Haha

(They did put in another much better article the following week. Perhaps they realized their errors..)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We're here!!

We're here! It has officially been an entire week that we have called Carlisle, PA home. And we love it. The town is awesome. A couple afternoons, we have just driven around trying to find stuff. It's neat cause there is stuff to find! Haha - we ate at Applebee's on Wednesday(just around the corner from our apartment basically). While we were there, Jer stopped eating, looked at me, and said "We live in a place with an Applebees." I laughed. We do :)

We haven't got internet at our house. Took us awhile to decide for sure we wanted it... We decided to go with a cell phone instead of a landline, so if we wanted internet at the house, it had to be cable. As great as the town is, there is only one cable provider... and therefore, it is very expensive (stupid... if I knew how, I would start another cable service for people who think it's dumb to pay $59.95 a month for internet!! But we got it. They'll be there Friday.

And we bought a washer and dryer. Good thing. We are out of clothes!!! Good timing too (stop reading this paragraph if you don't want to read about undies) -- they deliver tomorrow and there is only 1 pair of undies and one pair of boxers left in the dressers!!!

Jer is working late tonight. You can read his blog to read about his new church hours idea. I like him. He is neat.

As soon as (or shortly after) we get internet at home, I'll put up some pictures of our apartment and maybe a bit of town. Maybe you'll care, maybe you won't. But my mom will want to see them :)

Until later!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Canada Day

Yesterday was the last Sunday for Jer and I at in Monticello. It was a bittersweet kind of day. While we know full well that it is time to go by all the reassurances that God has given us, it is hard to say goodbye to people who have filled your heart over the last few months (or years, in Jer's case).

After the service, we had a lunch so everyone had a good chance to talk to us and say goodbye.

Sunday was also Canada Day. And the Sunday before July 4th. Mary made a yummy July 4th dessert. My ignorant (yet joking) Canadian question was "What is the blue stuff doing in the Canada Day dessert???" Hey! Give a girl a break! Permanent resident or not, a girls gotta be loyal!!