Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Here's a pic of my second trip to KMart on Double Coupon Week. I spent a total of $7.35. I think all of my KMart trips end up in the $7 range. Seeing as there is inevitably stuff in there that I wouldn't have purchased otherwise, I've decided that from now on (in order to stay within budget) I need to justify each trip... You know, what we would have ended up purchasing anyway and what we would have probably paid for it anyway... So here goes:
Lime-Away is the only stuff we've found that really cleans the chrome in our shower, and we just ran out, so we would have gotten that. I'm valuing that at today's sale price of $2.67.

I don't have a stock of shampoo for Jeremiah like I do for me, so he'll undoubtedly be out in the next couple weeks -- we would not have bought this brand (priced at $4.99) but I will value a bottle of shampoo for him at $3.00

Jer uses a bottle of salad dressing very quickly as marinades. We're out. I value this at $1.25

I burn easily (being the furocious red-head that I am), and we have no sunblock, so I'll value that at $3.00 (would pay more than that undoubtely, but I wouldn't want to, so I'm valuing it low).

Done. My $7.35 is justified. Yay for everything else being free :)

Oh, and they didn't double one coupon properly... should have been $1.29 lower... I'm debating going back, but I don't want to make a scene :)

Better dig out some more coupons for tomorrow!