Thursday, August 21, 2008


To have a job which one cared about would be grand.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

2.5 hours and counting :)

2.5 hours and counting until we hit the road and head north. Puppy has his shots and records, Jeremiah has his passport, I have my green card. OH -- that reminds me, I need to find the stuff that I need to apply for a new Canadian passport while I am there... Hmmm.. now where did I put that envelope....

Anyway, off for a week of family and fun. You won't hear from me until I get back - i'm leaving my computer here.

I probably won't do much eating while we're away... my tongue has once again birthed a second tongue... Yes, you heard me correctly, I once again have 2 tongues. This time I'm going to do something about it though!! I have a doctors appointment when I get back and I'm going to request and see what he says to taking out the salivary gland (I have a salivary gland stone.. again...) Enough is enough. I have 6, surely I can do fine with 5!!!!!

Enough gross talk. I'm OUT!