Sunday, July 10, 2011

Who Am I?

For the last few years, my job has been as an administrative assistant in one aspect or another.  In the past, I was a working wife but this changed when Jubilee came to be and now I am also a working mom.  I pretend to sell Pampered Chef in my spare time. I am contemplating selling Scentsy.  I am currently in transition from moving from Pittsburgh where I was a church planter's wife to Grove City/Sandy Lake/Stoneboro, where I am the Community Life Pastor's wife. I love working with kids and can't wait to get my hands dirty again with the kids on Wednesday nights at U-Choose.  Lately, becoming the mom to an adopted infant or a child in waiting has been growing on my heart.

But what I do is not who I am.

Some people say I am pretty quiet and reserved. others who know me a little deeper know that, eventually, I do come out of my shell.  My husband says I am messy. But he also says I am loving and kind.  My coworkers say I am hardworking.  Some would probably say I am forgetful. Depending on the situation some would say I am confident and in-charge, but given another situation, others would say I am insecure.

But what you think about me does not define who I am.

I have a beautiful daughter and an amazing husband. I have two dogs, and two cars. Two fantastic parents and the worlds best mother-in-law who are always there when we need them. I have 3 sisters, two sisters-in-law, three brothers-in-law, 6 nephews, and 5 neices. I have 4 living grandparents and 3 living grandparents-in-law. I have a Blackberry, but I do not have a television.  I would like to have a Kindle or an iPad, but currently I settle for my iPod Touch and an aged Sony laptop.  I have bills to pay. I need to find a job.  I have a lot to be thankful for.

But what I have has no significance to who I am.

So who am I?

I am a beloved daughter to the Almighty King.

Everything else flows out of that. 

Thanks for the reminder, Henri Nouwen