Friday, August 31, 2007

You never know who you'll meet at Dairy Queen!

Sunday, on our way home from lunch after church, Jeremiah says to me, "I don't really feel like it now, but maybe later it would be nice to go to Dairy Queen and share a blizzard." I didn't really feel like it at the time either, but agreed that maybe later it would be nice. A couple of times throughout the day, the thought of Dairy Queen that evening was mentioned. Later on that afternoon, we were invited out for supper with a couple from church. And then they took us to the new Coldstone, so I figured Dairy Queen was out.

Around 9pm, Jer asked if I would go with him to cash a reimbursement cheque because he wanted it to clear Monday morning. On the way home, he drives RIGHT PAST our apartment. My quote "Um, we live there." He made a comment about being tired and just missed it. So we went up to the corner to turn around. Since Dairy Queen IS just around the corner, Jer decided to go in and "see what the prices on ice cream cakes are" in case he ever wanted to get one for church (which at the time sounded believable).

So we went in, we looked at prices, we left through the other door, walked along a (closed) strip mall "just to see what was there" since we hadn't yet. Then we went back to Dairy Queen towards the car.

A couple was just getting out of their car and walking towards the DQ, and I was **JUST** about to say to Jer, "that woman looks like my mother," when I realized it WAS my mother!! My mom and dad had come from Ontario to visit us! I was SOOO surprised (and happy!!). It had been a long week and it was JUST what I needed to begin a new week fresh.

Thank God that he knows what we need and when we need it and that he shares these thoughts with other people so they can be his hands and feet.

Thank God for family. And visits. And new towns. And husbands. And Casa Mani :)

I love you, Mom and Dad!

Oh, and Jeremiah says I love him too! hehe

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A New World Opened by Blogdom

What started out being a simple google search for "common children's ministry misunderstandings" turned into almost 2 hours of blog finding today. I have come across some incredibly useful children's ministry resources in the last couple hours. Some insights that will open my eyes, as well as the eyes of those I share the ideas with. Some training tips. Some ministry ideas. Some tried and true thoughts. Some tried and find false ideas.

I'm looking forward to spending some time over the next few days and weeks digging into their minds and pulling out whatever tidbits I can. We are setting out on the adventure of starting a brand new ministry in Carlisle, and I am using *whatever* resources I can find to pull it together as well as possible.

Feel free to "borrow" my links on the right :) ENJOY! Watch my list grow!

*** due to changing backgrounds, my side list no longer exists... it'll be back. Promise!***

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I had a strange dream the other night. Much like the tv show Reba. Jer and I were still in high school (although the same high school). I definitely got pregnant. We definitely got married. Only here's where it changed. I resented him. Our relationship stunk. My friends all thought it was "cool" while I dreaded what I had become.

I awoke the next morning SO GLAD that we waited until marriage. God is good.

Jer and I are happily married. We are loving the moments we get to share together. We are slowly digging our way out of debt so that someday when we DO have children, I will be able to stay home and be their mother (for awhile anyway). I love my life :)

And someday, in a couple years when we begin trying or sooner if the Lord blesses us in his timing, we'll be excited to share the news of our nothing-like-Reba, soon-to-be baby :)

Don't come back looking for the announcement tomorrow though. It won't be here!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Don't forget to read my prayer request in the post below, but I took these pictures and wanted to get them posted today as well :)

We came to Carlisle and moved into the apartment sight-unseen. We put our trust in Marsha, the wife of the church treasurer. She claimed herself to be a "real estate agent wannabe," and she proved herself wonderfully. We absolutely **love** our new place.

The only thing we have left to do (besides the last room you will see) is to hang up pictures . Then it will really feel like home!

With no further adieu -- Our apartment :) ENJOY!!! And come visit!!!

We actually live in a town that they announce it before you get here!!
And this wasn't even the first sign!

This is our apartment complex. There are three buildings that share our parking lot --
the two you see and another on the right hand side.
Here is a close up of apartments. As you can see, there are 8 apartments in each building.
We LOVE the privacy/shade that those trees give our windows!! (Top left)
We're getting closer! Our door is 252, the only one without the cheesy wreath :)Once you open our door, this is your first view. Climb on up!
Room #1: Living Room/Dining Room
We still need to buy another couple of chairs :)
Living Room/Dining Room from another angle
We also still need to pick up a tv stand!!!

Room #2: Den/Computer Room
This was supposed to be a dining room, but our desk wouldn't fit anywhere else!!!
Room #3: The Kitchen
Our brand new washing machine
Her sister, the brand new dryerRoom #4: Master BedroomRoom #5: The Bathroom
--- the one thing we don't like about the apartment: thick carpet in the bathroom ICK!! ---
Room #6: The Guest Room
Yup... this is where we keep our guests...
So there you have it. That's where we live. And yes. It's always this clean ;) hehehe

Call to prayer

I have a very special set of friends. Amy and Mike mean the world to me. And they need our prayers. Mike has had some pretty serious health conditions in the past, lots of migraines, dizziness, strange stomach pains... for years the doctors have told him they can't find anything and they're not sure what is causing the pains. This past week, it went a step further. Even though he has been feeling very well lately, out of the blue, on Friday night, he went into convulsions and seisures and had to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Again, they're not sure what caused it. He is being sent to a neurologist, but it might be a YEAR before he can get in. And his licence has been taken away until the neurologist has been seen. He lives about 40 minutes from where he works, so this is going to cause some pretty serious work issues..

As if that weren't enough, Amy went back to work with the city of Ottawa on Tuesday, after taking Monday off to stay home with Mike (she didn't feel comfortable leaving him alone quite yet). She got to work only to find out that in 2 weeks she basically doesn't have a job. She's supposed to work 27-30 hours a week, but they've got her scheduled in for 24 this week, 16 next week, 3 weeks of unrequested time off, only to return to 2.5 hours a week after that!!!!! Yes, you read that right. From 27-30 hours a week to TWO AND A HALF hours a week out of the blue!!! That's hardly enough to pay for gas and the taxes they'll take out of it!

So on top of Mike not being able to drive, causing driving issues, Amy is now on a job search (as far as we can figure, 2.5 hours is just a way around firing her for no reason... she has no choice but to quit.) When I left Winchester, she took over the children's ministry position at our church there. She really feels that is where she is meant to be, but with those 15 hours a week, it will be difficult to find a job that will work around that AND her having to drive Mike to work and pick him up every day.

Needless to say, it's a confusing time for them. Pray that God would continue to give them guidance and the peace that can only come from him.

I love them to pieces and you would too if you knew them. If I or they come to mind, PLEASE pray for them. Prayer is powerful.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A bit of catch-up

Ok - so it's been a few weeks. And a few weeks in a new place means much can change. Unfortunately, it hasn't, but I'll update you anyway :)

1- We are still LOVING Carlisle. The longer we are here, the more we mean when we say, "We actually live here. We are beginning to have favourites (Restaurant ad: Casa Mani - see below)

2- I have begun my job search. I went to a local employment agency and set up an account in their online job bank. I have sent my resume to a bunch of places through that (Dickinson College, a couple banks, a couple agencies -- mostly for administrative stuff). Also, the treasurer in our church is a very well known business man in the community. He runs and owns the largest privately owned corporation in the area, Tuckey. He has said that he will help in any way he can, by personally getting my resume into the hands of HR people that he knows and recommending me personally to them. I hope to be working in the next couple of weeks.

3- We are expecting soon. Company that is. My maid of honour, Amy, and her husband, Mike, and one of the youth from Winchester, Lyndsea, are supposed to be blessing us with their presence next weekend. I say supposed to be because Mike ended up in the hospital with seisures this past weekend. They're not sure if he should be travelling out of country... Please pray for them. Mike has had some health problems in the past, pretty serious ones, but this is new and they're not sure where it is coming from.

4- Shortly after Mike, Amy, and Lyndsea head home, Laurel, Jer's mom drops in on the scene. It will be so great to have some family to show off our little town to. There are some places we are sure she will enjoy as much as we have and look forward to making her want to move to PA someday :)

5- Speaking of moving to PA, Anthony and Elizabeth (my brother and sister in law) are still planning on moving up here next summer from Arizona. We are anxiously awaiting new plans in the works and are already looking into finding a home where they will be able to move in with us for awhile. Pray for them as they have lots to get in the right before making it possible.

6- This afternoon, I am planning on spending the afternoon at Casa Mani, our favourite local cafe. It is owned and run by a couple from our church. The atmosphere there is cozy and warm and welcoming. I'm not sure how else to describe it. The couple there is funny. They won't let us pay for anything (and when they do, they will *never* let us pay full price for anything). We try to pay for as much as we can so they will never think we are taking advantage of them, but there is little they will accept. Jeremiah said that to them once. They said "we will tell you if you are taking advantage of us." Naomi, the wife, is from Japan, and they are currently decorating to open a Japanese noodle shop next door to the current shop. Robert, the husband, told Jeremiah the last time he was in: "When the noodle shop is open, you will come here and sit at the noodle bar. And if Sarah ever feels like not cooking, you can come here for noodles. And... you don't have to pay! And you can't *not come* because you don't have to pay!" Imagine that in a very strong Asian accent -- (Naomi is Japanese. Robert is from another Asian background, but I can't for the life of me ever remember what it is). They have 5 children, Andre, Chane, Natasha, Liam, and Mani.

7- Life is good and this is enough of an update for now. I have actually already been out to Casa Mani's and just came back and realized I forgot to post this. Consider it posted.