Saturday, September 9, 2006

The Sad Files

I have decided to have a "sad picture contest" So far there are only three entries. If you have a sad picture you would like to enter in the contest, email it to me or put it on YOUR blog, leave a message and I'll come check it out. Then I'll transfer your picture to the contest.

Below are the first three entries and explanations. Please feel free to vote!

Picture #1: Isaac, after a day at the fair when he realized that all his tickets were gone and he could not go on the last ride with Emily.

Picture #2: Grace, after Mackenzie AND Morgan got to go to school and she didn't.

Picture #3: Naima, no good reason, just having a girly moment

Picture #4 - write in: Gabby (Gwyn, any explanation to picture?)

Let the voting begin!!