Saturday, July 15, 2006

EW!!! Fruit Flies!

I went to Jer's ordination this week at Beulah. More on that later, I promise. Right now it's late and I need to get my sad story/frustrations/bet out!!!

Unfortunately, upon returning home, I found out (the hard way...) that I had left a piece of fruit in my bedroom. Closed windows, and 32-34 degree celsius heat (before the humidity), and 3 days later, I returned to a cloud of fruit flies in my room... EEEEE-YUCK!!!

So I spent a bit on the internet, finding out how to get RID of them, then spent the last little while making an assortment of traps.

1- The banana trap - a piece of banana and bits of peel in a small jar covered with plastic wrap. I punched holes in the wrap and now the bugs are SUPPOSED to crawl in the holes and be unable to escape.

2- the vinegar trap - a pop bottle with the top cut off and inserted upside down (creating a funnel down into the bottle). There is tape around the perimeter of the two pieces, making the opening of the bottle the only way in or out. SUPPOSEDLY, they are supposed to go in because they are attracted by the "yummy" smell of the vinegar. Then they are too stupid to find their way out (however, I have watched a couple make the impossible find!) Eventually they get tired of flitting around and drown.

3- the orange juice trap - same as above only with orange juice as the attraction.

Any bets on which trap is going to be more effective??

Any experience in getting rid of your OWN fruit flies??? (besides not leaving fruit residue in sweltering heat for 3 days!!!)

Jer, you might have to sleep on the couch when you come here next week cause there's no way I'm going back to sleep in my room until they are GONE. So I'm in the spare room ;) Hehe, I'll take the couch if I am unwilling to go back to my room.


  1. when something like that happens, i'm prone to just move

  2. good call!!!

    If they're not gone by October, I'm OUTTA HERE!!

  3. Does that mean if they ARE gone by October that you're staying?? :-S

  4. here in Texas they sell these neat traps... I have seen 2 kinds.. one is your basic sticky hanging trap they fly onto it and stick... the other is sort of like your pop bottle deal, but it has another conpartment inside of it... kind of hard to explain....