Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Phones!!

On Thursday, Sept 20, our phone system at work got hit by lightning. It has been THREE WEEKS since we've had a functional telephone system. The lightning blew out the processor, and for whatever reason, it could not be replaced right away. The phone company was able to set us up with 15 temporary phone lines, but in a company that has about 35+ phone users, 15 lines don't spread very far... AND the temp lines don't have voice mail.

Which makes life at the front desk pretty interesting. Half of the time, there just isn't a direct line to put people through to, so we have to explain and take a message. Another bunch of the time, the person called doesn't answer the phone, so the call comes back to us and we have to take the message.

TODAY, we are being trained on a whole new phone system! New phones, Voice Mail, lines that actually work, and the excitement is soaring!! Life at the desk is getting better!


  1. wouldn't it be neat if the phones they were giving you looked as classy as the ones in your post picture?! I love those old looking phones!!...alas Im sure they are very functional... but boring!! :) love ya Bunkie!

  2. I was reminded by your husbands blog that it is your birthday. Happy Birthday Sarah!

  3. I, too, was reminded by the X's blog. Happy Birthday!!!