Friday, March 31, 2006

Alias returns

As of Wednesday, April 19, Alias is back on ABC. (So I guess that would be Sunday, April 23 if you watch on CTV). Based on every other season having 22 episodes, we are up for 13 (**hopefully** uninterupted!) final episodes.

While I'm sad it's going away (by far my favourite show ever. Far surpassing all those other shows that I loved: Felicity, Breaker High, Supermans New Adventures of Lois and Clark, and Melrose Place {eek!!}), it does seem profitable to leave it on a high note. They're getting to the point of repetition in many aspects. I would prefer to see it go out strong than to die off without a person in the world caring but me.

Think they'll use Syd's actual baby in the show? Will Vaughn come back or was that day on the beach his final farewell? WHEN will her mother stop pestering so!?!

**edit** I just read that the finale is still in May - guess we're not getting a full length 22 episode season afterall :( There are only 7 Wednesdays from April 19 to the end of May.

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