Sunday, April 2, 2006


I stand convicted, guilty as charged :( For you who know what I'm talking about, my apologies are sincere. I won't go into detail, but you are correct. I was judgmental.

I guess my first response if I were to be defensive would be "who would have thought anyone would read it!" But that doesn't make it ok. You may not believe me, and that is ok, you don't have to. But I do apologize, I am sorry, and hey, if it sent more people to your site for the right reasons, all the power to you.

I will not try to condone my words. I have sat here for about 20 minutes just trying to stop my heart from beating so hard. Not because I need to try to come up with something else to say but because you are right. I was wrong.


  1. Thank you. I do not know if you will understand how much it means to me that you apologised. But even so, it means more that you made the apology from your heart.

    It is so easy to jump to conclusions on this amazing thing called the internet. It is so easy to assume that all people are the same. but, as in life, we are all different.

    I hope you will accept my thanks, and my acceptance of your apology in the same heart as you made it.

    I am very, very lucky. I have friends, people whom I have never met, and am never likely to meet, that care about me, and will fight in my corner. I hope you have the same. Friends are a valuable thing to have.

    Thank you.

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