Tuesday, May 6, 2008


WOW!! The 10 day countdown has begun!!! I cannot believe it is happening so fast! (or that there is still so much to do!!!)
Of course, we've continued to peak in the windows...
The kitchen cupboards are in (bonus)
There is a fan in the living room as there should be (and the one they hung in the wrong place is still there... hmmmm... think it's too much of a bother to take it down??? I am fine with them leaving it there...)
The tile is down and grouted (spelling?) in the entry way.
The vinyl flooring is down in kitchen/dining room, laundry room and bathrooms
Grass is growing (and so are a few weeds.. think they'll take care of this before closing???)
Stuff we know is still to come:
Sinks in kitchen and bathrooms
Bathroom paraphenalia (rods, towel racks, tp roll holder, etc)
Closet/laundry room shelving
Installation of appliances
spot painting (a couple spots they cut through drywall never got repainted properly)
Switch out door to green door
Hang shutters
Clean sticker gook off windows
Mark backyard
I'm sure there is more that we cannot see from our window vantage point.  Hopefully 8 days is long enough to get it all done :) We do the final walk-through on Wednesday!!!


  1. Excited for your new house! PS how is your 2008 in 2008 going? Hane you been taking step-by-step pics of the house?

  2. WOW - sounds exciting to be you!

  3. You were on my mind recently. We passed by where you live on the highway. Its was a "bee line to the border" to get to Nova Scotia otherwise we might have connected.

    I am thankful for you to have your home. We are selling ours this next Thursday. Enjoy it while you can. There is nothing like it.