Saturday, August 20, 2011

10 months -- HUZZAH! (Subtitle -- How'd that happen???)

Later this week, Jubilee will be turning 10 months old. Besides Facebook, I have not been overly wonderful at writing down growth landmarks for her.  I said to myself what everyone does at one point or another -- "Oh, I'll never forget! I don't have to write it down!" And yet, with only 10 months down, already too much has been forgotten! 

So, I'm going to do my best to start blogging again.  Surely, between life in Sandy Lake, new jobs (hopefully!), baby laughs, and new relationships, I'll have something to write to keep at least myself interested in my blog :)

We took Jubi to the park today.  The last time, she was practically busting a gut laughing as Daddy was pushing her on the swing (a little higher than Mommy would have done, of course-- isn't that what Daddy's do???). Today she wasn't quite as into it.  She has been a little out of sorts lately. We believe it is due to the teething that she's been working so hard towards over the last few weeks.

All her hard work *is* finally coming to fruition though -- She popped her bottom right tooth through the other day (I believe the first day I actually caught glimpse of the shiny white pearl was Wednesday, August 17 -- also my and Jer's 6th anniversary since we started dating).  Hopefully she'll get some relief soon.

And to close, I love that kid.  And I love my husband. 
The end.

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