Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Here's Your Sign

When you first enter the club of motherhood, there is no end to the advice (both warranted and unwarranted) that you will receive. Some of it is helpful; others, not so much ("my mom always rubbed whiskey on my gums when I was teething" -- great advice... but what are the chances of Jer or I EVER having whiskey in the house?? and is it really an approved treatment anymore??). 

But there are two pieces of advice that have stuck out in my mind that I am really glad I heard about when Jubilee was on her way.  One: The BabyWise Scheduling Strategy!  If you have not read this book or at least know what it's about, I recommend it!  Get the eating schedule into a decent routine and the sleeping schedule will follow suit (a *very* brief description of the underlying idea).  Jubilee was eating on a set schedule at just a few weeks of age and was sleeping through the night before she was 7 weeks old!  But that's not what this post is about.

The second piece of advice that I received that I'm so glad I got was "learn to sign with your baby!"  Jubilee, Daddy, and I have been using sign language since she was a handful of weeks old.  Now she's 10 months old, and while she's not signing back yet, I *know* she understands a lot of what is being said/signed! We started out with just a couple basics at first --- milk, eat, and more.  After a few months of these, I started throwing in a few more signs here and there. 

Here's a quick list of words that I use regularly while we're playing, eating, or spending time together during the day:


I can't wait to see which sign it is that she decides to start signing back with first :) I'm even more excited about that than the "race" to see whether we get a "Mama" or a "Dada" first (mostly since Dada already technically won that one -- it just seems to have disappeared or morphed back into "Baba")

Did/do you sign with your babies?  What was their first "words"?  How old were they when they started "talking" to you?? 

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