Saturday, June 10, 2006

To buy or not to buy...

That is currently my question.

I've been thinking about invitations. Should I pay the big bucks to buy them or should I spend the many hours to make them?

If I make them, any suggestions on how to make them unique? I think I have a poem I'd like to use (actually a few to choose from) on the front... but I need more than a poem. Perhaps I'll just go find some paper and play with some unique folds :)

Maybe if I get too fed up, I'll just buy them!!


  1. You could let me make them

    I guarantee they will be unique

  2. It's been a while but here are the pros/cons from what I remember and what my friends/relatives have gone through and done.

    1. Buying is more expensive, but obviously the easiest, stress free way to go. Pick it out, order it, and BAM - you are done.
    2. You can get boxes of (many varieties) make it yourself invitations at lots of stores like Michaels, Staples, Office Max, etc. that provide you the opportunity to put your own unique spin on it. Sister in law did this for prob. half the cost of ordering.(And in the end they were beautiful) However, you have to take into account that you are working with
    a. a computer that may or may not cooperate.
    b. a printer (even the great ones) that will print most of them prefectly but in the end you will have a small stack that blurred, was crocked, or smeared, or wrinkled.

    In the end I've heard that you usually end up going back and buying one more box to make up for the ones that didn't turn out, or weren't perfect. So then are they really cheaper?? Depends on how many boxes you go through and how big the guest list is.

    So what it boils down to is:
    Your state of mind, and whether you care if your computer has been tossed out the office window.


  3. Well here is my advice. We made our own because we couldn't find anything we wanted. We also wanted our picture on them and often they don't include that.

    However, I think it was perhaps more expensive. There is a lot to it when you think ink, paper and man hour. Adam is a computer genius so he was able to do what we wanted and it looked great.

    However, if I ever did it again, I would get them made. Much easier. Just make sure you are finding fair prices because people have paid way to much for what they received.

    Plus, my thing is they just throw them away. Many people are like "They are the first impression of your wedding blah.." But they are only invitations!

  4. If you are thinking something elaborate... like ribbons or pressed flowers or fancy calligraphy… then make just one. Take a picture of it and then print off as many as you need for your invitations…

  5. We both the American Greetings program for your computer, cardstock paper, and envelopes (all from Staples) and made our own, putting our engagement picture on the front. It worked out to be faaaaaar less expensive than ordering them! It was a lot of work, but I rather enjoyed having made my own...

  6. Thanks for all your input :) I appreciate having friends who will give me their 2 cents - even when it's to advise me against something!

    I think we are going to give making them ourselves a shot.. In fact, I've already designed a draft (a rough draft, but a draft). I think it's pretty cute. Very simple, but perhaps simple is my style :) Whoever gets one should let me know what they think!!

    Speaking of which, I'm on the address collecting rampage - if you think you deserve an invite, make sure to get me an address!!

  7. I'm definitely in favor of making them yourself, but you probably could have guessed that. I'd love to help with that in any way I can, I love that stuff!