Saturday, June 17, 2006

Wedding on the back burner...

A two-fer-one blogging day!!

For those of you who are anxiously counting the days to my and Jeremiah's wedding, put your counters on pause. We were unaware how lengthy the immigration process was going to be when we set our October date. Now we are unsure of when everything will fall together. But hold faith - it will indeed happen. It will indeed happen as soon as possible. The date is just another detail we haven't ironed out yet!!

We'll keep you posted for sure!!!


  1. Hey if you need any immigration help, maybe we can help you.

    We don't know all, but we have both immigrated on each side of the border. Plus Adam is getting his green card.

  2. OMG!!!'re marrying JEREMIAH!!!?!?!? That is awesome! Congratulations!!! (I am so out of the loop these days, I have NO CLUE what's going roomate is laughing at me because of my reaction to this news!)