Saturday, June 17, 2006

For all you Hillsong lovers out there..

I went to Ottawa to buy music to learn as new songs at camp this summer. I tried out a few including Hillsong "Jesus is my Superhero", Hillsong "Super Strong God", one I've never heard of called "God Rocks" , and a Doug Horley cd called "Lovely Dubbly". After listening to the Doug Horley and God Rocks cds, they went back on the shelf and I went with the two Hillsong ones. I'm excited to learn some of the songs, make up some actions, and pump up some kids to express themselves to God.

Check them out! Give me some votes of which songs are great for camp! Then make up some actions! (Make my life really easy -- hehe)

(the only one with music samples is Super Strong God, and Lovely Dubbly if you follow the links into the cd part - the url doesn't change when you navigate the site so I couldn't link you directly)


  1. As much as I am a Hillsongs lover, I don't think I like the Hillsongs kids. You will have to let me know if you like them. From the clips they sounded a bit too Australian for my taste. I am not sure if my kids would like them.

    However, I just got Cedermont & Worship together's I could sing of your love forever 2 for chilidren and they are both good.

  2. you have got too be Kidding (no pun intended) Hillsong is Australian you dum arse (ass in english) american. would you prefer that they put on yank accents you cultural neanderthal?

  3. Sarah,

    You have some pretty intense comments there :)

    You can watch a video clip of superhero at

    Also listen to clips here:

    Glad you enjoy the CD, hope your camp went great!

    God Bless

    Dave Wakerley