Friday, May 5, 2006

Does it have 4 wheels??

Ok, so Jeremiah and I are going to Arizona in a little over a week (VERY excited) I'm looking into renting the car for while we are there and I'm not sure what I should get. This is where YOU come in! I'll list the cars that are available (and in our price range of course) and then YOU take over and tell me whatever you feel I need to know about each of these cars. Be as simple as you like. A car is a car is a car to me - but despite this, I want to make the best decision (comfort for a long drive to the Grand Canyon, miles/gallon, room for passengers, etc... )

So here are the cars:
(NB - all prices are USD and include all taxes and fees)

Compact options -
Ford Focus - 191.31
Dodge Neon - 168.86
Chevy Cobalt

Intermediate options - 172.52
Pontiac Sunfire
Chevy Cobalt (different agencies listed this as compact)

Standard + options - 199.29/week
Pontiac G6
Dodge Stratus

Full Size options - 200.43/week
Chevy Impala
Ford Taurus

Premium - 200.50/week
Dodge Charger
Nissan Maxima

And in case anyone cares - Enterprise seems to be significantly cheaper than everywhere else. You can get an intermediate size car there for $15 LESS per week than you can get an economy size car from the other five rental agencies at the Tucson airport! Yay Enterprise!


  1. Dodge Charger. Gotta do it. Or the Impala, those are nice as well.

  2. Go cheap. Cheap is good. Having money left over in your wallet is even better...

  3. Focus or Sunfire says Gina

  4. honestly, see if you can get a Cobalt SS. yes it may cost a bit more on gas, but come on! you have to LOVE that supercharger whine! it's like music to my ears. only thing better would be the blowoff valve of a turbo... but now i'm dreaming.

    ANyways, Cobalts are very good cars. and coming from a guy who hates domestic rice, they're good.

  5. Gina and Kayla get the official votes :) We went with the cheapness (thanks Kayla) of the Sunfire (thanks Gina)