Saturday, May 6, 2006

"Jeremiah Gomez and Sarah Brown"

It appears to me that my amazing boyfriend and I have both completed the Name Change Game in recent blogs. This being said, I have decided to compare our new names and see if there are any "matches made in Heaven." Who knows - maybe if we find a great pair, we'll change our names legally! (Click here to find out how these names were formed)

Here goes!
(Always Jeremiah then me)

1. OUR ROCK STAR NAMES: Jo-Jo Silver & Chi-Chi Main (too funny)

2. OUR MOVIE STAR NAMES: Pablo Reese & Elizabeth Rocket


4. OUR DETECTIVE NAMES: Blue Panther & Blue Giraffe

5. OUR SOAP OPERA NAMES: Xavier Sierra Vista & Dawn Winchester

6. OUR STAR WARS NAMES: GomFerRob & BroOydHug

7. OUR JEDI NAMES: Reivax Refohssarts & Nwad Dyob

8. OUR ‘ADULT’ STAR NAMES: Xavier Emmanuel & Dawn Ash

9. OUR SUPERHERO NAMES: The Blue Corolla & The Blue Saturn

The names in red bold are the three that I think we should seriously consider... Apparently we were meant to be stars... Perhaps some of these names should be written down for future children..... hehe

BTW - I am still looking for car advice in the blog entry below!!!

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