Saturday, September 22, 2007


I went to a job fair for Dickinson College today. I have been keeping my eye on their job opportunities online and am interested in a couple that they have currently available. I read about the job fair and decided that would be a good opportunity to have some "face to face" time so that those hiring for these positions (in the financial operations office and in the bookstore) would have a face to go with my name.

My disappointment lies in the fact that there were no representatives for these two opportunities! No one to speak to about the current job vacancies. I spoke to one lady, asking where I might find someone to speak to and was told that "due to space issues, there are not representatives for every department." That would be all fine and dandy, except that her table and about 4 others in the room were representing their offices but currently had NO AVAILABLE POSITIONS. Come on folks!!! This is a JOB FAIR --- where people go to talk to people about JOBS.


Two thumbs down from me on your job fair, Dickinson!!!

(But I'm still secretly hoping I may hear from one of those two departments)....

(Yes, I am currently working, and I love my job. However, it is only part time at Tuckey. I am really hoping a full time that I am interested will come up. No worries, I have been completely honest -- The HR, my supervisor, and the company president all know that I am still seeking other employment. Found another one today that MIGHT work alongside Tuckey if they'll adjust the hours slightly for me!)


  1. Tuckey is the business I work for. It's locally owned, and operated. Basically, it's 3 companies, Tuckey Mechanical (installs and maintains mechanical stuff), Tuckey Restoration (restores after fire, wind, smoke, mold, mildew etc damage), and Tuckey Metal Fabrication (creates anything you ask them from metal... ducts, custom made stuff, etc etc etc)

    That's Tuckey in a very small nutshell.