Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Contracts and snow ... finally!

Tonight at 6:00pm, Jeremiah and I will be driving to the Summerfield development where we will be writing up and signing a contract for our brand new house!  Once that is under our belts, it will be time to tell the electrician where to put the electrical outlets etc, time to pick flooring, countertops, cupboards, appliances, lighting, etc and all the other fun stuff that comes with having a house built.
It is so incredible to think that our first home will be a brand new home that no one else has ever lived in before. We do not have to worry about what is in the carpet from the last owners, how much longer the old furnace is going to last, how much life the shingles have left before we need a new roof, etc etc etc. There will be no unremoveable furniture markings on the carpets, stains on the sink/countertops, or someone else's hair to clean out of the drains (ew!)
We are so blessed. We pray and thank God every day, then we ask Him to go before us and keep our path straight. We so do not want to walk into anything that is not His will for our lives. 
Tonight we'll decide on a closing date. Should be in mid June, I believe.  If the months keep going like January did, that'll be here before we know it!!
Oh - and we got snow --- finally!  Funny though, seems like I am the only one who is even remotely happy to see it.   Looks like I'll get a good chance to experience snow at home in March too :)  Hooray!! (for snow and for going home!)

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  1. YAY!!! so excited for you! Im very glad this is all working out! and I cant wait until you are all moved in and we get to see pictures of your beautiful brand new home!