Thursday, February 14, 2008

June 27th!

June 27th is the big day --- it's MOVING DAY!!!

The deed has been done. We met with the realtor last night. We signed the necessary paperwork, we listened to the necessary stories, we took the paper signing pictures... now we wait.

Well, now we wait and choose stuff. I can't wait to choose stuff. <<Raises a glass>> Here's to choosing stuff! Pictures to come!


  1. that's great. and i agree, choosing stuff sounds like great fun

  2. oh wow!! ok, so choosing the "stuff" that gets to go in your BRAND NEW home sounds like sooo much fun!! I hope you have a ball! and Im sooo excited for pictures when they come!! :D YAY for bunkie!!! Yay for houses!!!

  3. by the way, I found the puffs with vics...they are wonderful!! thanks for the tip!!