Friday, February 8, 2008


There is now a house in Carlisle that has a tentative "reserved for Jeremiah and Sarah" sign on it (figuratively).  I say tentative because, as of yet, we have not SEEN the house.  GRRR...
Our walk-through fell through yesterday afternoon.  It wasn't really the realtors fault, but it's hard to not want to blame someone. They have only one model home, which is bigger than the style we are interested in.  To see the others, realtors have to set up appointments with people who live in one and walk buyers through those.  So he set up our appointment, we got there, and he told us he had been trying to get ahold of this guy and, despite saying he would be home all day, he was not there :(  We hung out in the model for a few, hoping he might get home, but then I had to leave to get back to work.  Since I was "playing Georgia" (exec assistant), I couldn't be late getting back. 
So, since he didn't want the house to be bought from under our noses, Hayden (realtor) called the office and "put our names on the house."  We now have til Monday with no worries about someone else sneaking in with a different realtor and snatching it up. 
Here's hoping he can get an appointment set up on Sunday afternoon!! 

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  1. Did you have the appt yet? please fill us in on all the details!! Im dying!!!