Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cure for Insomnia

Here's the self-proven method of curing insomnia.

Spend one day as follows:
1- Get up bright and early and spend an hour getting ready for work
2- Go to work for a 9 hour stretch (8 hours of work and an hour lunch.. but to make sure the cure works, work on church stuff during your lunch break)
3- Make sure the last half of your job is relatively stressful
4- Go home and spend at least 20 minutes of quiet time with your husband eating supper (left over pizza from last night worked in the test day)
5- Drop your husband off at the church for a board meeting at the church and run back to the grocery store for coffee and something to eat at the meeting.
6- Return to the church and spend 2.5-3 hours painting the new children's ministry room
7- Wait for the board meeting to be over before being able to go home.
8- Sit while your husband chats to a board member for an hour after the meeting (it was an interesting a good conversation, though. I didn't mind!)
9- Go home by 11:20.
10- Go to bed. (Don't forget to make sure you set your alarm a little later for the morning, you're going to need it!)

I haven't been sleeping well for the last week. Lots on my mind of everything that has to get done. I'll tell you though. Last night, I slept like a ROCK! Go ahead, try it. And if you don't mind... try it at our church helping me get the Lagoon up and running by January!!!

OH - and check out the new church website: LoveLearnLive.Org


  1. I will definitely try this plan, even though it entails marrying a guy

  2. LOL...totally Identified with your outline! I hope you get some down time soon.

    by the way, I really like the website!! it's awesome! and I appreciated being able to listen to Jer's sermon online. It was a great sermon and really encouraged my heart.

    love ya Bunkie!