Thursday, April 6, 2006

2 posts in one - a baby and a trip

This is kind of a premmie announcement.

1- My sister is going into labour in Seattle as we speak. She is on her way to the hospital. She's lost her mucous plug (whatever that means -- coming from an unmarried, unpregnant, never been there before girl) and she's looking forward to soon holding her little bundle of joy in her arms rather than in her belly :) Oh the joys of first-time motherhood! More details to come...

2- Tomorrow I am going to spend the day in Quebec City with my wonderful boyfriend. Long distance is hard, so we are making the best of it and being adventurous at the same time. We're going to spend the morning and evening driving so that we can spend the afternoon wandering the wet and rainy streets of Old Quebec City. I can't wait! More details to come...

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