Tuesday, April 4, 2006

He saved me...

I've been thinking lately about my testimony. I have been thinking about how amazing my God is. It's quite remarkable actually.

Here is just the start of the things that giving my life to Christ has saved me from:

1- He saved me from a life of drugs and alcohol
2- He saved me from a hopeless life in prison
3- He saved me from the horrors of life on the street
4- He saved me from the even greater horrors of prostitution
5- He saved me from deep hate and depression
6- He saved me from getting messed up with the wrong crowds
7- He saved me from abusive parents

And all of this before the age of 6!! For those of you who thought you knew me, don't worry - I don't have any skeletons in my closet. What I'm saying is that God saved me from a life of all these things. I never slipped into these things that have a hold on so much of the rest of the world. I never tasted this side of life. Because I am super strong and above all of these things? Not in the least. Because I deserve more of His attention than any other Joe Schmoe? Nope.

Simply by the grace of God. Thank you God, for the life you have given me, and that which you have saved me from.


  1. I am not sure I've ever thought of it quite that way. Thanks for Saring Sharah. I typed it like that on purpose.

  2. Awesome! always good to reflect and be thankful!