Saturday, April 15, 2006

High Voltage and BBC reunions :)

I just returned from a Youth Rally in Kingston (High Voltage) It was a great day for my two youth, Amy, and myself. Lots of topics were raised that made the kids start asking questions on the way home. As much as I am terrified that they will ask a question that I am uncapable of answering, I LOVE watching them grow into having questions to ask!!

Included in the rally itself was a concert by none other than New Brunswick's own Three Season Ant. What a great bonus - a concert with a touch of my past. I also ran into numerous BBC people that I was not thinking might be there: Angela Toutant (definitely do not think I would have recognized her.. she's lost a ton of weight and looks fabulous!), Kris Gowdy, Dusty Crozier, Jason & Janet Little, Sarah MacNamara (is that her name anymore?) .. and of course Mike Smith and Chris Stephens - but I knew they'd be there :)

All in all it was a great day. I'm looking forward to getting those two girls out to more events and involved in more ministry in our own towns. They are really growing in their faith and in their desire to be all that God has for them!! Maybe I'll get them out to Booster in the fall :)

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