Monday, April 10, 2006

Back from Middle Earth

ok, so it was more like middle Quebec than middle earth..

This past Friday, Jeremiah and I took a day off and met half way for a day of adventure in Old Quebec City. Neither one of us is the most adventurous person I know, so it was quite something to say, "I miss you, let's just drive 5 hours, spend the afternoon together, and drive home." But we did. And it was fun.

I surprised him by bringing along the fam - or the part of it that is still at home anyway. I thought it would be a good day out for my parents, away from the norm of home, work, daycare kids, and computers. (Plus, that meant that I wouldn't have to do all the driving! not that I was only thinking of me!!!)

It rained all day - but it was one of those funny rains that you can be out in it all day, know that it's raining but never really feel WET. Just added to the adventure.

All in all it was a good day. Relationships are hard when you only see each other for 3 days out of a month! This helps to break the longevity of the in between times! Anything that makes the month easier is fine by me.

For those who are now thinking "You went to spend a day with your boyfriend and you brought your PARENTS as a surprise!!!??" it wasn't quite like that. They came, we met Jer, took one car into the city, and then split for the afternoon. Besides Jeremiah LIKES my parents ;) (and really it's a good thing they came because I slept the WHOLE way home.)

Now it's only 16 sleeps until my trip to Maine. And then only 36 sleeps we fly to Arizona!! Fantastic-o!!!

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