Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Time Has Come...

Alias- Wednesday* night 8-10pm
Be there !
Two-hour return special

*If you are watching on CTV, I'll guess it's on on Sunday afternoon. So don't read my blog between now and then if you don't want a spoiler!!


  1. sweet sassy molassy...can't freaking wait.

    except, I'm going to have to tape them and watch them later...

  2. I might watch it tonight but I might watch it Sunday. So we shall see. I can't believe this is the last of it. Nice to see you made the switch blogspot! :) Talk to you later and will probably post what I think about it on here if you do. And I think the bottom three will be tonight, Kelly, Elliott, and Taylor! BUt I think Elliott is going home tonight!

  3. No No No! Not Elliot. He's in my top 2 now that Mandisa is gone. Not that i've actually seen it lately. I haven't seen a complete episode since Mandisa left. My heart for AI went with her