Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What a blast!

It's official - this is my favourite quote of the day:

Jack - Keep that pointed at your mother. If she even as much as blinks...
Sydney - ... I'll shoot her.

Question #1 - was he tied there or was he there on his own free will?? Kind of looked like his arms were tied back

Question #2 - WHEN WILL SHE DIE?

Question #3 - Who WON'T be back in the next 5 episodes???

Extra comment - She's precious!!!

1 comment:

  1. I almost wish that Rachel would not be back because she really bothers me. I wish they would just shot Syd's mom and get it over with. Why can't she be dead like we thought? Also, I thought I was Will in the preview or was I seeing things? I am glad that Wies came back for that one. I liked that quote too. I knew we would see Vaughin and I know that we will see him and Syd get together but I don't thing it will be until later.
    I was not surprised that she had a girl and she was cute.
    In the next 5 episodes, I am not sure who will not be back. But I think it would be neat if all the old ones come back together for one episode so I would not have to see Rachel. I just can't stand her. But I think that would be awesome if they all could join up for one episode and just make appearances.
    I didn't know Tom was married before. I thought that was cool that he went and found that file but that just means they have more to explain and do you think it wise to bring this in when they are going off the air? Hopefully they will be able to explain it quickly because that is all they have for time is quick quick like a bunny. I wonder if they are going to FINALLY explain more about things they have not talked about and if they are going to bring back Rambolde (sp. wrong) I hope they don't. And there was no mention of Nadia. Did I miss something? It has been a long time since the last episode.
    Well, I am done now! Talk to you later!