Tuesday, April 11, 2006


With the nice weather comes spring clothing (and sometimes even summer clothing). I recently bought a new pair of capris and have spent a couple of days breaking them in. I have also broken out last years sandals (which desperately need to be replaced - but that's another story)

One night, as I was standing in capris and sandals, my father said in a rather surprised tone "What's wrong with your legs!?" I looked down, not knowing what he was talking about. Still unsure, I asked what he meant. "They're ... purple!" he said. I laughed.

My legs are ALWAYS purple. I don't know if it's bad circulation or what but no matter what the weather, hot or cold, my legs and feet are purple. If I'm standing - purple, if I'm sitting - purple. Also if you press on the purple bottoms of my feet, it turns a bright yellow-white colour for an unusually long period of time before turning back to purple.

So - perhaps I have bad circulation....

What colour are your feet?


  1. I sometimes go a purple colour and people give me a similiar responce like are you dying kinda thing. If my hands and feet are really cold they turn a weird white and go completely numb. You are normal to me.

  2. I'm white, not even flesh coloured sometimes, just very pale...long winters you know.

  3. Mine do that too. That's why I never wear shorts. When I was in public school and played sports in uniform, more than once did my coaches get a little concerned.

    I miss you, roommate!