Monday, April 3, 2006

List of Sevens

Thanks for tagging me Jo :)

Seven Things I Would Like to Do Before I Die:
1- Rock Climbing
2- Get married
3- Have children
4- Adopt one or more children
5- Skydive
6- Learn to sail
7- Lead a successful childrens ministry
bonus- Learn to be a great photographer

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1- Roll or fold my tongue (sadly...)
2- Run a 7 minute mile (or an any minute mile if I've gotta run!)
3- Complete a scrapbook page without saying to at least one person "Does this look ok?"
4- Understand the ANY of my own dreams (ask me sometime!)
5- Cut my own hair (or do anything else with my hair, really..)
6- Walk outside by myself after dark (EEK!)
7- Put up with whiney kids

Seven Things I Say Most Often:
1- "I'm tired"
2- "Good gracious!"
3- "24 is the best premise for a show. I've never seen it, but it's a good premise" (I say it everytime a 24 commercial comes on)
5- "I don't know"
6- "Mom, have you seen my ______" (insert any object here)
7- "What can I eat?"

Seven Places You Might Like to Visit Before You Die (not in any particular order):
1- Australia
2- Venice, Italy
3- A cruise to anywhere
4- The home country of my adopted children (not sure where this will be yet - but that's where I want to go -- good thing, cause I'll probably have to more than once during the process)
5- Newfoundland - the only province I have never set foot in
6- Alaska
7- the Grand Canyon (going in 49 days!)
bonus- Hawaii - just had to add an extra one :)

Seven Things I Hate:
1- know-it-alls
2- being tired all the time!
3- being patronized
4- looking 8-10 years younger than I actually am
5- movies that throw sex in for NO REASON AT ALL - good movie, good movie, good movie, sex, ruined movie.
6- adults who still live as though they are teenagers
7- losing biblical quality for the sake of entertainmant in children's ministry
bonus- "seeing" a great photo opportunity and having zero clue how to capture it

Seven Activities I Enjoy (in no particular order):
1- reading
2- scrapbooking
3- star gazing / watching meteor showers
4- sipping hot chocolate during a snow storm in front of a blazing fire place
5- walking in the rain (only if it's POURING rain and the person I'm with is enjoying it as much as I am
6- washing dishes (I know... I'm wierd)
7- painting rooms

Seven Friends You Want to Do This List of Sevens:
1- Alison
2- Jeremiah
3- Heather
4- Meredith
5- Julie
6- Gwyn
7- Tina

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