Monday, April 3, 2006


April is going to be a busy month.
1- Easter (and all that comes with that at a church..)
2- A youth rally (on Good Friday - at which we will see the one and only Three Season Ant)
3- The 30 Hour Famine (weekend after Easter)
4- A trip east (to visit a boy and to hit up the Bethany graduation (word has it my roomie is graduating!!)
5- Amanda's birthday (which I will do my BEST not to forget this year!!)
6- Still trying to get youth group off the ground and on its feet (shooting for more than one at any given youth night!)
7- Finding a new curriculum for 4F (our kids club - we've been using a curriculum but have decided it really isn't doing much for us and doesn't really accomplish what it says it should.)
8- A trip to Quebec City (or there abouts) to meet up with that boy cause we just don't feel like going all the way to the end of April!
9- Getting a good way into planning camp and finding quality counsellors (if you're interested in Kingdom building in this way by all means, let me know!!)
10- Breathing (if I manage to find time...)


  1. Sarah, dHARling, since you were ever so kind as to transfer over to blogger, you are now eligible to enter blogger games. therefore,
    "TAG---YOUR it!! LIST OF SEVENS....AND...3....AND...2...AND..1...GO!

  2. p.s. I can tag you b/c I still had 5 tags left, as I only tagged two of seven before. :)

  3. yay - I been tagged - I'll have to go get the questions from Liz's blog.