Saturday, April 8, 2006

Welcome to our World!!

A big warm welcome to Naïma Katherine Zida-Brown! Naïma (Ny-E-ma) was born at 11:45 pm on April 6, 2006. She weighed in at 8 lbs 12 ounces and 21 inches. She's such a cutie :) Congratulations to my sister Gina on God's new little miracle in your life! I can't wait for you both to come home in May to visit!

Mom (Gina) and baby are doing well.

Here's a fun fact for you. No one in my immediate family shares a birth month. There is a pattern to our birthdays - Two months with a birthday, two without, two with, two without, etc.
Now that my parents are grandparents, the 3 grandkids are filling in the holes but there are STILL no repeat months! It's kind of cool. See below to understand what I mean

Brown (and grandkids) birthday calendar (Browns in red, grandkids in blue)
January 3- Gina
February 27- Mom
March 11- Isaac
April 6- Naïma
May 25- Krista
June 24- Dad
July 26- Emily
August (8?)- new baby in August
September 19- Jaymie
October 25- Sarah
November- no one yet (guess that's my job)
December- no one yet (guess that's my job too!)

Cool huh?



  1. Yay for more babies:) I beat her by three days! :)

  2. Your family is planning itself very well!

  3. Haha, actually, there was no *planning* about it.. It's just kind of happening that way. Just hope everyone realizes that there are only 2 months left and two more girls in the fam with dreams of having more than one child! Hope no one is really stuck on keeping the pattern going with no doubles!

  4. Sarah I must say I am extremely impressed with your html skills. The way you overlapped the photos of your new niece is great! I've been blogging for a heck of a lot longer and can't even get photos to go side by side!
    I know you probably mentioned it in your 'myspace' account, but what is the 50 book challenge, and do school books count? What about cookbooks?
    oh and thanks for the will be up in a few days.