Thursday, April 20, 2006

Alias Returns

Sorry my Alias post was so brief and coded yesterday. I didn't want to spoil it for anyone who had not watched it right away. Warning for those who aren't watching until Sunday - upcoming are my thoughts.


I thought this 2 hour special was a great way to be get into the groove of the life of Sydney. Granted, I thought the first hour on the boat was a little slow - but the operation in the boat was a neat addition. I thought at first that they had TAKEN the baby - which I thought would have been pretty cheesy. But when it was actually to benefit the baby, that was something I wasn't expecting.

PLEASE tell me they will put a bullet through Irina's head before the end of the Season finale. If they accept her into their close little family unit, I will vomit. Christian (me) or not, my forgiveness doesn't go that far!!!!!!!!!! Don't we just all wish that our mothers would have the conversation with us that Irina had with Sydney in that bank?? The "I never wanted a daughter. When they laid you in my arms, I realized what a mistake I had made. I knew I could never be a mother and an agent -- so I chose to fail at being a mother." How perfectly SWEET!!!

And Vaughn - sigh. I'm just not exactly sure if he was there on his own free will or if it looked like his arms were tied across. The camera angle was too close. But I think he was tied. That makes him leaving Sydney without explanation a bit more acceptable. But who's holding him??? If Prophet 5 has VAUGHN, what did they need SYDNEY for???

I don't think it was a good idea to bring in Tom's wife. I think they've got enough to wrap up as it is.
1- Nadia is still in a coma
2- Sloane is still alive
3- Irina is still alive
4- Vaughn is in that monastery
5- They're bringing Will back (YES! that was Will in the promo for next week!!!)
6- Vaughn hasn't met his daughter
7- Syd needs to spend time with her DAUGHTER (if she works as much as she does now, I'll be disappointed)
Anyway, I just think it's unnecessary to bring in Tom's wife. Granted, they did say that he had a "secret" back when Jack was reading his file. But I'd be just as happy to forget about it.

All in all, i loved it. And am looking forward to the next 5 weeks - even if that does mean the end of the best ABC show of all time!!!


  1. Well, I left my comment in the first post done there. But I was pleased with ALias. I am so looking forward to now. I forgot how much I have missed it. I am really going to miss it when it goes for good.

    Have to go and work on my blog site since it was earsed some how

  2. I noticed your blog was not up anymore -- what happened to it??? I've been trying to get there all day since I saw it was updated but couldn't get to it (I assumed if it was updated it might be an Alias post...)

  3. I didn't post about Alias since you did so I just wanted and comment on your site. No, I don't know what happened to my site. I got up and no more site. So I am getting it all together now. But there is still one problem I have and I am going to try to get it fixed this morning.